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I have a slight speaker problem. help? Answered

I got some new speakers for my side doors of my mazda protege. I got it all connected and such and sounded good but when i went to screw it in and realized that the speaker doesnt fit in the speaker hole. I was thinking i could use a dremel to open it up a bit... any suggestions?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well, from my experience, a dremel works well on aluminum, but isn't very accurate. When I audited a course at kelsey, we used a round hand file to make the hole for the switches, and banana plugs. If it almost fits, and there isn't a whole lot, use one of those instead, and you'll have a good snug fit. If the hole is quite small, first trim the majority with a dremel, the finish with a file, and that will work too. Don't forget to compensate for the screw holes. Hope I helped!

Well thank you very much. turns out only one side of my speakers work. i tried both different speakers on the right side which works and they both worked but on the left side it doesnt work at all. I've figured it must be the wiring. no anything bout fixing that?

Well, I'm not familiar with car wiring, but logic dictates that you should check for a current with a multimeter, if there is not, you may not have the right wire, or there may be a break or short. You can check the tube by the door hinge, open it up if your not too concerned about that, and check all the wires. See if any connections in back of the stereo are damaged or loose. If nothing prevails, check with a mechanic or a friend who works with cars. Hope i help!