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I have a small music box that opperates using an electric motor. The motor is turning to quickly. Answered

The motor has a resistor at the power supply connection and then there is another item which is either a resistor or capicator at the motor connected to the power supply at the motor. Is it possible that eiher of these have failed causing the motor to turn to fast or maybe not slowing it.


Use an adjustable voltage regulator, and adjust the voltage to make the right tempo.


Have you meddled with this in any way, or did it suddenly start running fast without any obvious cause?


it was like this when i got it a few weeks ago. It does not appear to have been tampered with.So i would say it is a failure of some type.

Interesting, have you got a picture of the drive-mechanism?


no i am sorry i do not. it is quite simple. the power supply where it connects to the music box has a resistor on a very small pc board, the size of your thumbnail. Then inside on the actuall motor there is a small flat (i believe its a capicator) item which conntects to each side of the power coming in at the point it connects to the motor. and thats it.

You can forget the capacitor, they're just to damp electrical radio "noise" from the motor.
I don't know otherwise.


The resistor is a possibility.