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I have a stepper motor and I don't know how to power it? Answered

So I have a stepper motor made by Airpax with the label LB82773-M1 and it says it takes 5V 6.25 Ohms 7.5 Degree/Step. It has four leads two going to the posterior section of the motor and two going to the anterior section of the motor the leads are colored ad stated: Lead 1 & 2 (these leads go to the posterior section) are grey and red respectively; Lead 3 & 4 (these leads go to the anterior section) are black and yellow respectively. I'd like to use this perhaps for a bike generator. I just can't figure out how to make the stupid thing turn.



Best Answer 10 years ago

A stepper motor is not configured as a normal motor. You can't simply power it and make it turn. You have to alternately power its 3 steps in order or it won't turn. For example, get a 6.5v power supply (a battery and a voltage regulator will do) and put the black wire to ground. Using a piece of wire, put the yellow wire to +6.5v for a short moment, then the red wire, then the grey wire, then back to the yellow wire. This may not be the correct order, and it not an ideal way to make the motor turn, but it'll let you experiment with the stepper motor. Stepper motors need some kind of controller to be able to turn, without it they're not much use.

Try this article on stepper motors.

It's the wrong kind of motor. You want a normal 2 wire DC motor. Not a brushless motor either.

Electric Spectre1

9 years ago

I'm not sure if its 3 or 4 steps but anyhow, i got one to work with a transformer that brought the voltage down to 24vac then plugged it in a it turned. If you want it to work more effectively buy/sample a stepper motor driver from somewhere like TI.