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I have a suggestion to improve the forums.... Answered

I think the "kids" category should be integrated with the "community blog" section because it has only 15 topics and no next button on the bottom, and it is rare for a topic to show up there.... What I'm saying is that section is not getting a lot of replies and should be joined with the community blog


With a forum that it has nothing to do with?

I think the Kids forum should be integrated with the K'nex, If any thing is going to be integrated...

none of the topics have any knex in them....

I didn't say they did, did I?

But you wanted all the posts about kids to go into the community blog. That's what this topic is about.

No it doesn't , the community blog is where you're supposed to post things that everyone (or a large number of people) will find interesting. I think you're looking at the word community by itself and relating it to kids, when you need to look at the function of the community blog.

By the way...you're supposed to post blog posts on the community blog...So unless the topic about kids is from a blog, it wouldn't be compatible.

my point exacly... if it wasn't, it would go the community blog, btw

If you understood why the community blog exists then you'd see this is a bad idea.

Because the community blog is just that, a blog that represents things the community finds cool and interesting. You'd just fill it up with kids stuff instead.

No, but kids topics just wouldn't fit in there. It may not be as popular of a forum, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't exist.

The Community Blog is a place for topics that interest all of us on this site. Most of the featured forum topics are located in this category as well. So, I don't think a Kids category would fit well in the Community Blog. It may fit better some where else.

No. Community blog gets too many topics, anything for kids would soon get swept off the first page and lost.