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I have a thermopedicfoam mattress topper that I want to cut into quarters . How to make neat cuts? Answered

I want to make a bed for old dog by cutting the mattress into quarters. Any suggestions on how to bes make neat cuts in the foam. Its about 4" thick.


Try an electric carving knife. ( the kind you use for roasts and turkeys) .

Use lumber such as long straight 2 x 4's to compress the foam on both sides of the line where you want to cut it. Do this on a hard surface. Then use an extremely sharp razor type knife to cut it. Since the foam will be thinner when compressed it should give you a cleaner cut. Alternatively you may be able to to take it to a shop that sells and cuts foam and have them cut it for you, may not cost much.

A hot-wire cutter is probably your best bet, if you're willing to invest in buying or make one.