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I have a12 volt RV water Pump. I want to use it for short pump jobs without carring a big 12 volt battery around.? Answered

Can I use a 12 volt battery charger to drive the pump.?



The RV water pumps draw 5 amps. You can run it with a 2/10/30 amp bttery charger. Just run it in the 10 amp charge mode. The newer shurflo pumps are garbage. Hopefully you have an older one from '95 or before. The people at Shurflo changed the brushes in the motor so that they wear out after 20 hours of running. I'm sure this was done so that if someone's water tank ran out of water then the pump would be dead next time they tried to use it (the pump would run continually without water) The older Shurflos had harder brushes and you could get years out of one. The only thing that would wear out was the bonze bushing in the pump assembly. The motor was bulletproof. Best, John Cadman

It depends upon how much output your 12v charger will give and how much the pump needs. Do they have any information on them in the way of Amps / Watts? L