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I have about 20 large touchscreens from HP A826 printers. Wondering what I should build .... Sensible or Crazy; I'm open Answered

I've got about 20-25 of these things. The printers are shot, but I thought I can't let that many Touch Screens go to waste. I haven't broken any of them down yet, so I'm not sure what's inside, but ...

• They thave 5 cardslots, and take USB sticks.
• They must have some sort of (limited) memory capability on board (help animations, and previous settings etc.)
• They play slideshows.
• The Touch screen seems to go beyond the 'display screen. The are 3 'hot keys" on either end.

• I could just strip them down so I have 20 digital frames around the house playing holiday snaps (if the printer will allow that if it recognizes the ink cartridge is missing). But a bit boring.
• I thought about making myself a two sided ebook reader (I 'd have to figure how that would work though)
• I thought that hooking up 20 of them (5 rows of 4) into a crazy foldup / foldout monitor would be a great idea, but probably unworkable.
• Or I could make some other useless crazy art piece.

Any other ideas, tips, links to similar things? If I end up making something I'll be sure to post it.



8 years ago

Wow, cool! Definitely open one up t take a look at the internals. Pay close attention to how "hackable" the main board inside is - access points, jumpers, headers, ability to be further disassembled.

How easy it is to modify will determine what you can make with these.


8 years ago

Look like robot heads to me.