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I have about thirty picture frames. What should I do with them? Help me make something awesome! Answered

I have about thirty picture frames left over from my wedding. I would love to make something decorative out of them, but am falling short in the idea department. We are moving across the country soon, maybe it could be something to commemorate the event? The frames are 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches. made of some kind of brushed metal with glass and cardboard inserts and felt backings.


Try finding a map of every place you've lived in / been on holiday to. You could also include your current home and your future home. This also might be a nice gift for your husband/wife since you could have some from where they used to live and then some from where you used to live and then some from the places you've lived in since you were married.

Hope that helps :)

find a map of the place you left, or your favorite place, enlarge it if necessary and cut it up into equal parts to fit inside each frame like 6 across and five down, depending on the dimensions of the map and hang it on a wall to keep the memory of that place. Don't forget to take out the inserts. If you aren't afraid, you could mark on it all your favorite spots, where pivotal things happened...etc.

Remove glass, insert cut mirrors where the glass once was. Either give away or hang in a decorative formation on your wall.

if you have a color printer your could set up a "picture booth" at your going away party and let people take pics of themselves, print off the pics and go home with a framed photo from your fabulous party

How about painting them a brassy gold color and using the frames as part of a steam punk style wooden pc case and monitor housing?