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I have access to a WATERJET!!! ...now what? Answered

Sweet! I just got access to a LARGE OMAX 6ft x 10ft waterjet and now I want to make some stuff. Does anybody have any good ideas?


If i had one, One of the first things I'd do would be to get a nice big piece of rust colored sheet metal, and cut out a sign for my room :D

ooo... I'm envious :P I'd totally make a fairing plug :P The first step (using our method) was to cut cross sections of foam on a waterjet :P

HPV 2006 145.jpgHPV 2006 136.jpg

That is way cool. did you have to cut a bunch of slices and put them together or what?

We made an inlay of our logo for our showroom table. Here is a photo on our website. http://www.aspencountertops.com

By the way, You can usually buy time on waterjet machines from $75.00/hr to $100.00/hour. I think we paid about $200 for this. You can call a tile/granite store or metal fab shop to find out where they are in your area. Most places are happy to get some extra use on their machines

As I'm sure you are aware, rebember that for an inlay you need to offset on the tool path for the inlay so it fits tigher. (Most waterjets i've seen remove almost an 1/8" of material.) .

By the way, did your bike win?

What is that black stone surrounding the gray granite logo? And out of curiosity, what does one fill the gap with to prevent moisture etc. from weeping down there?

In order for out project to come together, we had to get a lot of donations/sponsors.... Most of the donations came in the form of shop/machine time... So dollar wise, the water jetting was free. And technically, the vacuum bag/pump/consumable, paint equipment and a little core material was free too (a la Lockheed Martin).

I believe it was 12 - 2" sections (6 or so unique slices). I can't find a picture of the sections and such, but I'll post them when I do ;) They were cut to make the curvature follow the inner corners of each section (so we just had to sand down small triangular pieces off).

We think our bike won :P It was, by far, the best looking machine (in my opinion) and it was the most photogenic :P The steering was a bit quirky - not enough trail making the steering floppy. So the learning curve (and fear factor) was steep with a capitol S :P I believe we got 6th overall in the competition and got an average speed of about 35mph through a 100m time trap (with 300m startup time).

oh yeah... To keep the moisture out we use a polyester resin... (2 part) we put pigment in it so it matches

See how thin you can slice bread.