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I have almost a dozen old remote controls from TV, VCR and satelite receivers, What could i do with these? Answered

I was thinking to take out the IR LEDs, but  before that i want to know of a useful possibilty to consume these things



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can check to see if any of them have a programming header inside the battery door (look for a six-pin connector).  You might be able to reprogram that remote to do other things.  Other than that, the IR LED (and possibly a second red LED) is the only useful part.


8 years ago

Hot glue them all together and make a giant walking remote robot! :)

Personally, I'd suggest building an IR signal receiver for a PC and writing software to respond to the IR signals by doing something appropriate (controlling your jukebox software, for example). Or hook that receiver to dedicated decoding hardware and use them to control something else -- toys, home automation, whatever.

they would make great door jams :)

Most of them will have an IR led that you can re purpose into something else like night vision goggles.

There's really not much you can do with remote controls.......since they are made to send signals it may be possible to use their parts to help you create a remote control.