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I have an AT&T wireless router now that i switched to armstong cable do I really have to buy a new router? Answered

I have tried a few different things and I cant get the thing to work the 2wire ethernet and wireless lights are green but the DSL and internet light just keep flashing red. I dont understand why it wont work. Cable said it may but wouldnt even try it they said just go buy a new one. Can anyone tell me how to make it work.


Attack it systematically.
If you remove the router can you hook your computer up to the cable modem and get internet?
If No call the cable company.

If yes then proceed below.

Attach the router to the modem and restart both of them. (power on and power off)

if it works then your good. If not then factory reset the wireless router.
if it works then your good. If not then this troubleshooter can not help you. :(

You have to change the settings that are stored on the router. 

Go to: "http://gateway.2wire.net" (You must be connected to the router). 
Click on the "Run System Setup Wizard" link.
Enter "5225-2374-WG62-22AS-BJ7P" as the key code.
This allows you to customize the connection settings. Select the authentication type, VPI, VCI and IP addresses provided by your current Internet service provider. 

I had no way to test if the information is accurate. We also get our wireless routers for free up here, so I'm not sure why your ISP doesn't provide them for free in the U.S...

The cable company told me $50. for their $5. a month or buy one at Walmart. AT&T said it wont work. The guy that hooked up my cable said it might but he didnt know how. I did what themathhatter said, power on power off on both modem and router then hit reset and it works. Thank you

It's the U.S. Land of the free....as long as you can afford it. My cable company tried to tell me that I couldn't use my own cable modem and had to rent theirs for an additional $3.00 a month. I pointed out that I work in the aerospace and defense electronics field and was well versed in U.S. communications law and that what they just told me was a lie. TA DA, I can use my own modem.

Sadly, many companies seem willing to prey upon their customers ignorance in an effort to make a buck. So tell me, how did they respond to you when you educated them on that fact?

Let's see, it went something like "(Gulp, stammer) We'll up and running right away sir!"