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I have an Ariens Tractor it wont start please help read details Answered

its a pull start ride-on and its carborator i believe is be fine i cleaned it and it worked before it has spark and it has not run for a year but recently i got it started and i was riding it around having a blast then my friend took it for a joyride and held down the governor rod too long so ever since then it wouldn't start and it has compression but it sounds funny it like puffs out air after each pull    plz plz help thanks



so if it is noticeably easer to pull the start cord the compression is toast engine is bricked this can be from valves, valve springs or cylinders being hosed. The first thing I would do is remove the spark plug & spray some starting fluid or carb cleaner down the hole if it starts up then you now know to go after the carburetor &/or air filter. If that gets you nothing & your getting a good compression reading (witch you shouldn't be getting) & hearing a "puff" then it sounds like your compression release is stuck. Most of the time if a little engine gets punched wide open for to long the compression release gets out of whack or broke. If your engine if a vertical drive shaft I would just keep an eye out for a fee lawn mower with a similar engine. If its horizontal drive shaft its worth a fix. If you can ID the manufacturer of the engine you may be able to get some help through there web site on how to fix it.

> it like puffs out air after each pull
.  Since you don't mention it doing any puffing before, that, in combination with "held down the governor rod too long" sounds like you broke a valve. I suspect you do not have much compression, but hard to tell from here. If it puffs out the carb, the intake valve is broken. Puffing out the exhaust is normal.
.  If you really do have compression, I'd start with the basics:
  • Make sure the spark plug is in good shape and that you are getting a good spark.
  • While you have the spark plug out, make sure you are getting proper compression.
  • Drain the gas tank and add fresh fuel.
  • Check/clean/replace any filters between the fuel tank and carb.
  • Verify you are getting fuel through the carb (should be able to smell fuel coming out exhaust port).

If your friend "buggered" it - oblige them to have it mended.