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I have an HP officejet j6480 is there a way i can use this to fax without having fax services through my phone company? Answered

I am changing phone providers and my new provider does not offer fax support. Is there a program or service i can use to still use my fax machine as such and still but send and recieve through the internet. im looking for a program that scans in the document and sends it off through the internet



6 years ago

Efax.com has the kind of service you are looking for. They provide you with a fax number that anyone can send to. They then convert the fax to an email and send it to you. You can also prepare a fax and then send it by email to them and they then fax it.

There are services which will let you send PDFs which they will fax out, and which will receive faxes and generate PDFs to send you. They charge for this service.

If you just want to send it through the Internet, the PDF files themselves do a fine job. Many banks are just as willing to accept PDFs as they are faxes. All you need for that is a scanner and an e-mail program.

BTW, phone services which "do not offer fax support" generally say this because they don't guarantee sound quality adequate to reliably transfer a fax. However, you often _can_ fax through them, as long as they have a phone input you can plug a fax machine into. (The VOIP service I used was very explicit about "we don't promise it will work now or that it will continue to work, and if you have problems you'll have to figure them out yourself... but you won't hurt anything if you try it, and we won't object to your trying it.")