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I have an evinrude trolling motor - how do I know if it uses a 12 or a 24 volt system? Answered



Try it with 12 volts.  If it runs and has power then it's probably 12 volts.  I've had several trolling motors and used several. I've never seen one that was not 12 volts.  I'm not saying that there is not one the is 24 volts though.

A 24 volt one would be hard though not impossible to charge since outboards and inboards are 12 volt systems.

P.S. Now I've done some more research and find that there are indeed 12, 24  and 36 volt trolling motors.

What is the model number of the motor you have?

Do you know where the battery / batteries are? They should tell you on sight, as they usually have a label giving some basic specifications.



8 years ago

I take it this is an inboard marine engine?  While outboards (all that I've seen) are 12 volts, bigger, truck-like, inboard motors are 24 volt.  Easy way to tell is to look at the battery.  12 volt will have one, normal size (like your cars) while 24 volt will have 2 batteries linked.  I've never seen a 24 volt battery but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Safest way to tell is to Google the serial/engine number.

Does it not have a plate on it somewhere, with details like that?