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I have an extra LittleBigPlanet beta key. Anyone want? Answered

I entered so many giveaways and they're slowly rolling in! :P You need a PS3 that's hooked up to the internets and a Network account to play it. It's the greatest game ever. :D


anyone still have a spare key?

I would like one if anyone has an extra. Thanks in advance! dlivingstone@winnipeg.ca

I really want one if there's one available! got a PS3 with net connection. Pm me or send me a mail. Kasp0021@hotmail.com


9 years ago

yes, I would like one very much, if possible. I have searched the entire sea of the net(literally) and have yet to claim a key. If you still have the key, at all, please do. I would really appreciate it


blu_7 _

Yay! I'll PM you the code on here. :)

How many giveaways did you enter?

Hmmm... Between Jace and I, probably at least ten. I have been feinding for this game forever. I haven't played a PS3 game since Heavenly Sword, actually. I just had to get into the beta. Jace has already given an extra code away, and he might have more coming, too.

I didn't mention eBay... But then again, that's morally wrong...

I refuse to sell stuff I got for free. :P Especially something that will only be valid until the 11th! I know that some people have been selling them, but those people are jerks.

Someone else on #xkcd-signal was ranting about how they were in Europe & couldn't use it. Poor them :-( Aren't you part of the IGN forums? Wouldn't they pownce on this?

They could use it, they just need a fake US account. You can sign up very easy. Just need a random address. I used to be on IGN, not anymore. I might just have to get Jace to give someone over there one. I was just hoping someone here would be interested. It is the greatest DIY game ever. :P

I don't have a PS3, but Kitewife has any number of knitting needles - those guys are cute. Is there a pattern?

I haven't seen one, but I'm sure one will turn up. People are obsessed with the characters. :P

She especially likes knitting for wee'ns - if you ever get pregnant, let me know and you'll be set for cute little jumpers, cardigans, hats, bunnies, blankets ...

Bump! I'll give this a few more hours and then delete it and try to find someone on another site. :P