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I have an idea for an arduino project, but I can't find anything that resembles it. Answered

I had this idea for a spy gadget, but I cannot find out anything about some of the functions I want it to have. I wanted to take an arduino uno and first off give it an Infrared LED and program it so that it can drown out all infrared signals by continuously blasting IR when a button is pressed. A universal jammer if you will. Second off I want it to be able to use an infrared sensor to detect infrared light when the function is active, and display the intensity of such IR on a LED board. Third of all I want it to be able to activate a burning laser LED to help start fires when camping, a sort of laser swiss army knife if you will. Fourth I want to be able to stick turn on a small LED for light. I was looking to see how each thing could be activated by a different button. I have a Keyes KT0003 arduino kit with no instructions on how to actually use the thing. Aside from the laser LED which I know doesn't come with the kit, are the infrared based functions feasible? All I want with the infrared is to be able to detect it and then just drown it out completely with the LED, I don't want to block any specific function. I just want to block IR in general.

I also wanted to make an infrared universal transmitter out of it, but all of the things I saw relied on the arduino as a receiver. I wanted to be able to use the arduino as a sort of sonic screwdriver, able to activate any IR based device and control it, by pushing buttons attached to the arduino. Like I said though, everything was using the thing as a receiver, I want to turn it into a handheld transmitter able to control anything with a IR receiver. 

Here is a link to the kit I have, I'm sorry if it doesn't describe it very well.


Have you tried a Let's Make search for, "ir remote jammer"?


or for, "tvbgone"?


I do not think think your ideas are so unique that others have not already done similar things.

Your idea of being able to emit arbitrary amounts of power, from tiny signal sufficient to turn off the TV, to large enough to ignite campfires, or to use as a multipurpose death-ray, is attractive. I mean, that'd be sexy, no doubt! However, do those kind of light emitting devices actually exist? At the time of this writing? Seems like it would be something a little beefier than the typical 5mm LED in bell-shaped plastic case.

I think Rickharris offered some good advice when he suggested you start with something small and attainable.

Although, I also think he's giving you bad advice with his suggestion of using broadband, thermal IR sources. Specifically I mean, I think those would be bad choice for jamming. Although thermal IR might work for lighting things on fire.

For jamming I think you want use a modulated IR signal; i.e. one modulated in a way similar to a signal the IR receiver is expecting to see. I think the usual carrier signal is a squarewave, with frequency of approximately 38 KHz, and I am guessing the tutorials on IR signal jamming that are out there, will have more to say about the details of that.


I was merely figuring that there would be the infrared LED for jamming, then a separate laser diode for when I want to cut something open or light something on fire. I'd want to hook each one up to a different button and most likely mount the sucker on my wrist like Buzz Lightyear. A small LED for light would be nice too. I intended this as more something to prove that I could. The IR function was an idea as a sort of "Sonic Screwdriver", able to blast an IR device and activate things like garage doors and keycard-locks, activating them. However I couldn't find any of them and decided to make a blaster instead.


Answer 6 months ago

I mean things without multiple functions like garage doors. I figured remote-control planes and stuff would be too complicated.