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I have an idea to build a doggie door, but I'm not sure it will work.Anyone have plans for a DIY dog door? Answered


Cut a hole
keep the piece that came out, attach it with a hinge.

Attach an rfid lock to make sure only your pet comes in, and not burgulars.

Thick carpet or doormat makes a good doggy door... here is a doggy door with barking window i just built for my doggies. includes a non-rotting pvc pipe steps and covered stairs.  Lighting from a string of LED xmas lights makes night-time trips outside easier.  plastic window allows dogs to sit and bark at neighbors from the inside without running all the way to the fence.  Wooden box is supported with 4 heavy duty shelf brackets. 

 I think you need a couple of doggie bouncers waiting outside that doorway. (and maybe some booming doggie trance emanating from a couple of speakers nearby to complete the effect ;-)

All humor aside...Nicely done.

sorry my picture didnt post... here it is...

Install it like you would a regular door with flashing and all that, but you make it smaller and build your own "door" (e.g., heavy vinyl) attached to hinges.