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I have an old Lincoln stick welder 220volt,how can i use it with 110 house power??? Answered



1) A circuit which can supply at least twice the nominal amps, and a mongo transformer. Theoretically possible, but if you're going to try to go that route I'd suggest trading in the welder for one that can run directly off 110VAC.

2) Pay an electrician to have a 220V circuit dropped where you intend to use it. Recommended. That'll require two breakers in the main box (one for each hot leg). There may already be a 220V circuit that you aren't using -- electric clothes driers usually run on 220V, and some air conditioners used to -- which you could have redirected appropriately.

Mongo transformer? Don't you use them for charging Lightning Fields...?


The problem is that the transportation costs from the planet Mongo are really high. Not to mention the fact that since Mongo is classified as a hostile nation its products are subject to heavy import tariffs.

Definitely better to have a 220V circuit put in.

I'd agree with that, approximate Mong-scale 4, I think.