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I have an old Toshiba satellite laptop with a bad motherboard; is there anything I can do with it? Answered

The original problem was that the laptop wasn't getting power. The shop I took it to said it was the motherboard and that it wasn't worth the price of a replacement. So, I'm not 100% positive that this is the actual problem, since i declined repair, but that's what they said. Everything else is in good working condition as far as I know (including the power supply and battery--we tested those).

I'm now running snow leopard on a macbook--I was hoping that the screen might be turned into an external monitor without using the motherboard, but i've seen all the answers about needing a controller and all, so I don't expect that. Still, getting any use from this thing would be great. Any ideas?


Leave it unattended in public places or in an unlocked car as bait for thieves?  Video tape them, then go to court and laugh at them when they're sent to jail for trying to steal a broken laptop.

Savage the parts that are useable, throw the rest out. How you test if you can use it is hook it up to a multimeter and test if the voltage runs through it right.


8 years ago

Short of replacing the mobo and effect a repair, about the best you can do is salvage the usable parts, hard drive, CD/DVD drives, memory, etc. or put it on eBay and sell it to someone else who wants to salvage it for parts.

Using the screen as an external monitor is actually very difficult and it is probably a lot easier to buy a monitor if that is what you want. The laptop uses a LVDS connector which the motherboard then handles the control of directly, instead of having its own onboard logic like a normal monitor.

The keyboard is also difficult to use unfortunatly as each one is different and has different customisations that need accounting for.
I have been searching for similar uses...