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I have an old jigsaw motor, anyone know of anything not to complicated to use it for? Answered

Recently got a jigsaw motor from a jigsaw where the blades wouldn't stay in, I feel no need to fix it as it has had some hard use and is on its last legs. I was just wondering if anyone had any handy or cool uses for it, even if they're useless uses. Edit: It also has variable speed although at this point in time im not sure what the range is, I post this just incase it makes it any more useful.


A small pen lathe can be made by using straight stock (steel channel like old bed frames) and a couple of pulleys. A personal fan, a vibrating motor for your fav chair for bass you can feel (use a slightly off center disk), small sharpening station, grinding wheel, rotary carving tool ( if you can get a flexible shaft) etc.

Alot of these are good ideas, I'm not too sure I have the knowledge to make the bass chair but the sharpening station, grinding wheel, and pen lathe sound good, especially as it has variable speed which it would be nice to utilize. The carving tool would be nice but I don't see why the flexible shaft would be essential. Thanks

I was just thinking the motor itself may be too unweildy to hold in your hand. Also I think the shaft would be easier to mount to the spindle than a chuck but to be honest ive never tried either! You could also use the motor as a wind or water electric generator. I have no idea how to regulate the voltage but I'm sure someone on here does!

You definitely wouldn't want to hold it in your hand especially at full power, some good ideas their.

You could make a rotating table then attach ceiling tile to it. Then as the tile spins, drop or spay different color paints onto the tile.Centrifugal force will create interesting patterns on the tile. If you have an electric guitar you can take the neck off and give that a little spin too. I think that would make an interesting paint job.........

The guitar one could be an especially handy one as I'm currently in the process of building a guitar from scratch, thats actually how the jigsaw broke, the blade got stuck in some mahogany and broke the connection. Thanks, I'm sure it'd have a whole load of other uses as well.