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I have been asked to investigate how to make "a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger." low budget Answered

As part of a very low budget film I have been asked to research how to make a prop from the following specification

"We need a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger.  It can be any shape but it must have colour (real of illuminated)."

The reference has been given as a Copper Sulphate Crystal we are an a deadline for mid Feb so any help would be fantastic

I have added reference pictures also

All responses gratefully received

Regards Peter?



Best Answer 6 years ago

When I was a kid I used to grow sugar crystals, many of which were baseball size and almost any color I wanted. All it requires is supersaturated sugar water, some cotton string, food coloring and time.
Just google how to make rock candy and get started. Its almost ridiculously easy.

Thanks very much for the message I will look into it how long would it take to grow a sugar crystal that size? we are on a tight timescale

regards Peter

There are a lot of variables but if your solution is completely saturated and you use a very large mouth jar in a low humidity environment, you should have some good results within a couple of weeks, depending on how big you grow the crystal.

Excellent will definatelly give it a go

Cheers Peter

how do you make a big crystal

you could grow a sugar crystal with an led in the center..that would look cool.

thanks very much will have a go and see how it comes out

cheers Peter

OK if you would be happy with something solid rather than clear - Get a lump of polystyrene - the stuff used for packaging or insulation. Available from your local DIY store

You can carve this with a hot knife (do it outside the fumes are unpleasant) or

You can carve it with normal hand tools- saws - files - sand paper - very easily and fast to the shape you want - then paint it with water based paints.

Its cheap as well. If you can find suitable packaging then free

Thanks again Rick,

we are looking for something that can be illuminated so it looks like it has an inner glow as it it to represent a fuel cell which either can be fully charged (illuminated) or in various stages of charge.

So we might need to create a resin crystal which we can colour with various lighting perhaps

cheers Peter

Believe me you will be FAR FAR better off moulding something in a clear or colored resin. You can get spherical candle moulds that will work for this.

If you can handle a solid color then colored plaster would work and be even cheaper.

thanks very much Rick that is the way that I am thinking also but I do not know how to do this either.

We are looking for something that looks like a crystal shape etc but is not actually a crystal so would welcome an instructable on how to fashion a fake/prop crystal also.

thanks for the response
Cheers Peter