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I have been looking for a pattern to make crochet waffle girl headbands. ? Answered

I have seen them with interchangeable flowers and bows. A link http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6280064 for what I am looking for. This is an Etsy shop that sells them.


these aren't really crocheted, they are elastic with an acrylic "rickrack" sewn at intervals. I have bought these headbands wholesale online. Look around, you can order them as cheap as .30 each on some sites. I don't know why all those boutiques call them crocheted because they are not.

I just saw your comment and was wondering where you found those headbands at .30 a piece. I would love to buy a lot of them so I was wondering where you found them. Thanks


9 years ago

Those are cute! Unfortunately I can't see enough from the pictures to reverse-engineer the pattern, but perhaps you can ask the Etsy seller to sell you the pattern? It looks like a pretty simple one.

I don't know crochet so sorry =(. I only clicked this because it said waffle and I'm good with waffles.