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I have been trying to install Norton Commando on DosBox, and am at the stage where I keep hitting an illegal command Answered

 Have been snooping around online and have managed to get most of the way through the installation process, but have hit a dead end.

So far this is what it says:

Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\dos\


C:\>cd nc

Illegal command: nc

This is all I know, 



What exactly are you trying to run?
Specific file, exact file name and type.


.  Verify that:
1) The gas tank has fuel in it
2) The petcock is turned on
3) The fuel filter is not dirty
4) You are getting a good spark
.  If it's the Wankel version, you're on your own.
.  This is April 1, isn't it?

I once owned a '73 Norton Commando Roadster 850cc. Best looking bike ever but it also had the worst electrical system made. In my book, the most derogatory thing you can ever say about anything is to compare it to Lucas Electrics.