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I have "compaq vocalyst keyboard" without PS/2 nor midi. Is there any way to make an USB adaptator to use it ? Answered

So, I own an old Compaq Vocalyst keyboard (very similar to that one cgi.ebay.com.my/COMPAQ-VOCALYST-KEYBOARD-M-N-E03783001_W0QQitemZ300210062625QQcmdZViewItemQQptZPCA_Mice_Trackballs exept that mine is AZERTY).
The plug was designed to be pluged into a specific Motherboard (that I trown away several years Ago). When pluged onto the old motherboard, this keyboard was used as the PC Speaker, it had a microphone (jack) plug and a hearphones (jack) plug.
Is there any way to build an adapter to make that keyboard usable on nowdays computers (some USB or PS/2 conector) ?
Thank you for any help you can provide :)

(and sorry about my language, I'm french..)

EDIT: some better pics can be found here: www.recycledgoods.com/zoom.aspx



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here is the link to the pin out for that keyboard.  IT's at the top of page 3.

You could make an adapter to ps/2 easily since it has the same line with sound added.  Break out the sound with a separate cable.

You can find ps/2 pinout on page one.

Thank you so much for that PDF file. 
I will try to make the adapter by myself then.