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I have dozens of little orange pill bottles. Any project ideas? Answered

I have a chronic illness and have to take lots of medications. I've been saving all of my pill bottles over the years and have way too many - over 100, easily. I already use them for organizing beads and other fittings, hardware, bit & pieces. Does anyone have any art/craft ideas for me?



6 years ago

I have also collected hundreds of bottles... I made drawers under my garage workbench and fill the bottles with fasteners etc. Then place the bottles laying down in rows in each of the shallow drawers. Works great - will post picture later...

Make a survival kit with them.

My son uses mine to put bugs in. My husband has a big one that he keeps toothpicks in.
Check out this site. They have some cute film canister and pill bottle craft ideas.


Party favors! They could be for any party, but a friend of mine went to a party for a guy who finished his studies to become a pharmacist, and they used them for candy and handed them out. They made new labels on them like "For Stress" and filled them with Skittles. I thought it was clever.


9 years ago

For some reason I saw this posting and could only think on one project. You could relabel the bottles with a message about prescription abuse and the community, or something clever, and pass them out to people to make them aware of how easy prescription drugs are passed around in society. Maybe stuff a pamphlet or something in them. . . or maybe use them in the same concept, but have them be little "collection" bottles for collecting money for charity.

This is an amazing Idea.
going to start this in a local school district.
Have parent's donate containers
wash them with some bleach
hotglue the tops closed, with the message inside.

I'm in the same predicament! I have dozens (would have hundreds, but I usually just toss them in the recycling bin). Today I was thinking, "There must be something I could use these for." I also have used them for sorting beads, findings, and such, but the orange is hard to see through to see what's inside, so I've now been sticking to translucent white or clear containers. So I hopped onto Instructables in search of some cool projects, but I haven't found many! It seems that the only Instructables that use pill bottles are the lamps. The lamps are cool, but I've got lots of lamps already. So I'm looking for some new project ideas...anyone have any?


9 years ago

Stick them on a garden wall randomly for a quirky wall decoration! They will certainly be a talking point!

You could drill a hole in the lids of each bottle and secure it to a christmas tree light strand. One bottle per light, as long as you like orange lighting of course.....

I took one and put a thumb drive in it. I also use them to organize my coins. And if they are water tight I chain them to my keys so they stay afloat if I happen to drop them while boating. But 100's? hhhhmmmmmm..... You could glue them together and make a table or bench.