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I have finally watched a full game of Rugby and I have to admit..... Answered

even though I don't normally sit down and watch "sports" of any kind (unless I am trying to pick up some pointers, like watching  snooker, chess, or other tournaments), that compared to football in the USA, or baseball,  the action was definitely more engaging.

I mean, they actually moved around on the field, and for longer periods of time then 2-3 seconds.  Our football is comprised of 1-3 seconds of movement followed by nearly 30 seconds or more of wondering about until the next play.  

Rugby to American football is like a cheetah is to a snail.   If I am going to watch one of them, I will watch the cheetah :-)


There used to be two types of rugby.
1. Rugby League. Played in the north of England with "Working Class" men. (blue collar)
2. Rugby Union: Played by University students/staff as amatuers. (no fee)
Similar but slightly different rules. This is, I agree a simplistic view but I'm not sure about it now. Once youve seen Rugby though American Football with all it's "armour" is tame.

Not only do I think American football is tame, with all that armor that doesn't seem to do much to cut down injury anyways, but it is a bit lame in the action dept. If I want to see some guys lounging around all the time, I WILL watch pool or chess games rather then the "football", At least I can learn something from them. (In case someone is wondering, yes, pool offers a course in mathematics/angles if one cares to look at it that way and can be very geeky too ;-)

I have to agree with the lack of action. I went to a game over here about 10 years ago as a fan of the game (memory not so good, I think it was a rematch of the superbowl competitors of that year, Vikings and someone else). Watching American football on TV in Australia usually consists of highlights. I knew it was a little stop/start/stop, as we also get the whole superbowl game over here every year, but I could not believe that the players in a live game stopped while the advertisements played on the big screens! I'm still a fan, but highlights only please. Just the facts ma'am.

And if you REALLY want bordom....try baseball LOL I'd rather watch a POOL game (9 ball or snooker) >:-)

If you want action try full contact chess or wizard chess...

When I am in the mood to learn something, I can watch a regular game of chess :-)

There's evidence that it doesn't cut down injuries, because when you are protected like that, you can push back harder !

Rugby injuries are the loss of front teeth, the alignment of your nose and the shape of your ears.

Sadly, broken necks, though now very very rare, still happen.


There is still a heck of a lot more "movement" in rugby though then in "USA football" .

I've never watched a game of rugby. In fact I'm not sure if I've ever even seen one listed on TV

some cable channels carry them in season


7 years ago

I've never watched a complete game, I found it hard to follow, though if someone explained it to my while it was going on I may appreciate the game more. What amazes me is it's a contact sport and unlike hockey and football they don't have any padding.

Your right about football, it's really stop and go, without much flow.

Some players do wear protective gear - they wrap adhesive tape around their head to try and stop their ears being torn off.

I was googling for an image to illustrate this, and I found that rugby is played in the states - look!

Love the link: And that's just the females.

I've known female rugby players.


I just saw a female on a game show that claimed to be a rugby player, she was a bit petite for that though

She could have been the scrum half - they tend to be smaller and faster.

Ok. I just thought she looked so thin that maybe that prevented anyone holding on to her :-)

You have raised my interest. "I've known some female rugby players".
Please explain.

Friends at university, colleagues at school.

(You thought I meant biblically known, didn't you? Such a mucky mind.)

We were concerned you went out with the hookers on the team.

Then again, I have known some female paratroopers and Marines.

There's something about small women in tough jobs - I once saw a tiny female police officer in Manchester take on two large drunks and finished with them both on their knees in cuffs.

Or there IS the difference between "known" as in, personally acquainted with, as compared to "known of". ;-)

Yes, I had thought it was played here too, but it just isn't often televised here. Like women's basketball, if you didn't "know" it existed, you might not ever see a game.

I remember in grade school  (oh, about 1970 or so) our gym teacher had us play a round of "flag" rugby (no tackling, you grabbed the velcroed flag on a belt you wore). It taught some of the rules, but not really the "meat" of the game. :-)

That's called tag rugby over here - it's what they play with the little kids before they're tough enough to take the tackles.

Yes, I think that was in the 6th grade (over here that means average age of about 11-12).

Well, in our football, it is stop and go, but in baseball, it is mainly people standing around trying to hit a ball with a stick, and missing most of the time (a batting average of 200 means 2 hits out of 10 swings). Gee, let's go watch GOLF LOL

Yah, I can't stand baseball, I find it really boring. Hockey I like, and curling. Though you don't see much curling on TV (even here in Canada), I usually like to watch women's curling, it's nice that men's and women's curling both get the same respect, which is unusual in sports.

I have a VERY difficult time sitting through an entire game of baseball....or golf. LOL

My Dad when he was alive, loved to watch bowling and golf......erg !  Nap time !

I am sure Kiteman will be pleased ;-)

I've never been a big fan of rugby, because my experiences at school involved spending a lot of time face-down in the mud (I was quite small).

It's definitely better than American football. I tried to watch the superbowl and got bored by the pre-show shennannigens.

If you want a really interesting, full-on experience, try playing/watching Rugby Sevens - 7-a-side, 7-minute halves, you get an entire tournament played in a day. Perfect for pub and school teams.

> because my experiences at school involved spending a lot of time face-down in the mud (I was quite small).

This makes me sad. :(

It's also making me imagine a small Kiteman, which makes me think, to see small Kiteman, I'd have to have a time machine, which reminds me of Dr. Who, which I have fallen WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on, but which I can't watch yet for awhile.

>wanders off<

I think by "small" he means thin. I would have been such also in school, but the school system didn't know what to do with me, and so I ended up a year behind and a bit bigger then most of my peers.

As for Dr. Who,  are they making new ones?  I hadn't seen an ad for any since the Dec episode....

They normally put them on On Demand (Comcast) a week or so after airing. . . But I haven't seen any. :-(

Still...the mental image of small, pasty British weaklings getting smashed in Rugby is sad. :D

Hm. I THINK so. You don't get BBC America? :(

Yeah, great game. Sorry I have to go Dr. Who is on my Tv. Bye.

Yes, I do presently.....I may have to drop it because of the cost, but so far I do. But I work odd hours and so wouldn't catch it at "normal" times. Last year they had it on Sat. evenings around 9 or 10 pm, but now they have Primeval on in that slot.

Yeah I know what you mean about being small,  but you don't have to be small to get hurt in sports :-)   I remember my LAST attempt to play soccer, as I dribbled the ball down the field and went for my "big goal attempt"......and stepped on the ball, and POOF,  a cloud of dust and the ball lay only a few feet from me, smirking back at me ;-)

DVR? VCR even?

Awww. Don't give up, soccer is fun!

I haven't been able to find the "time" it airs, if it is still on, or if it waits for summer?

I hurt too much to play "running and bone breaking" sports anymore :-)

There are more Dr Whos on the way this year.

Several mini-series, rather than one big series, I think.

I will keep a watch out for them, but my schedule is just soooo weird.

+1 on rugby sevens...

Growing up in New Zealand, a nation obsessed with rugby... it is amazing that I ever found out there were such things as other sports... although have you watched Aussie Rules (that is an amazingly action packed game to watch)...

What really is scary about rugby... is who the current Olympic champions are... :)

I didn't know Rugby was even in th Olympics....I found this when I looked:

Following an evaluation by the Olympic Program Commission the International Olympic Committee Session voted that Golf and Rugby sevens be included in the 2016 Olympics.

Golf ?  o_0 
Oh yeah, they have baseball, why not golf too, but, but, they left out tiddly-winks ! 

If I ever get another hankering to "watch" sports, I may look into that :-)

No wonder our country is going to pot; even our so called "exciting" sports are boring and lame  LOL

It's kind of like hunting deer with a bloody 300 magnum canon....if you are going to call it "sport" give the opposition a sporting chance, and somehow arm them too >:-)

I am only "converted" because I don't normally watch sports, and will probably not start.  And this happened to be on at the time, and the full minute or so of action; often times a "touchdown" in the first play or two; was intriguing.     
"Watching" bores me most of the time.   So, IF I were to watch a sport, just for the sport, rather then to learn something, I'd watch rugby just because there is actual movement on the field, and not a lot of lallygagging around. 

Boring as it sounds, I prefer to watch either chess or pool tournaments for tips on playing; as I am more of a strategist then a rough and tumble player (especially now that I have gotten into the "easily breakable bones" stage of life.  ;-)