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I have foggers from various mfrs which, even when brand new out of the boxes, do not fog properly. Answered

I have followed all instructions for use and cleaning of these machines, but the most I get is a few wisps of fog. I removed the pump discharge tubes from two of the foggers, and the pumps do move fluid. I reinstall the tubing, wait for another time/heating cycle, and I get those few wisps. Do you have any suggestions ? I have been using foggers for many Halloween seasons, and last year's was a disappointment.


Since you say that you are following the maintenance instructions, the only thing I can think of to add to what seandogue said is:
1) maybe your fog juice is bad?
2) are you sure you're getting full power to the heating elements? Like maybe your AC supply is underpowered somehow? Yeah, long shot, I know. 
Those are the only reasons (other than operator error) that I can imagine that brand new foggers from different manufacturers would exhibit the same symptoms. Based on the information you provided, it sounds like operator error is unlikely, so this is all I'm left with.

Are you actually firing the fogger or just powering them up? Most smoke generators I've worked with over the years required the user to depress an actuator that powers-up the pump, either a button on the body of the fogger or a pendant mounted switch.

One other thing to note...the system usually works using an immersion heater inserted into a tub. the annular area where the glycoline travels thru the tube is quite narrow, and if the fogger is used alot or overheats, deposits can form, eventually plugging the tube. We used to use foggers as a particle seeder for LDA tests on flow ejectors back in the mid late 1980s, and one of my tasks was to keep them working. eventually, I would have to remove the heater tube and clean it, the heating element, and the exit nozzle.