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I have fungus in my bathroom people Answered

Well it appears that there is FUNGUS?!?! in my bathroom. Because our bathroom was never finished off properly, the shower leaks down the side and seeps into the wood trimming around the door on the right side. Well all it had done till now as get black with mold, but there is F****** fungus growing out (key word is OUT of the wood) of the trimming. Anyone got any ideas what I can do? Bomb it with some bleach? Anyone want a picture? It freaked me out when I saw it :P


Pictures, I had to take my laptop and webcam into my bathroom :-/



11 years ago

Stop/fix the shower leak or you will be fighting an ongoing battle. It's what's behind the wood trim that concerns me.

Yea, I'm allowed to pull the trim off, but I'm a little afraid of what could be behind it. We just had the house rennovated and obviously should have gotten a different tub, but it's too late. If we end up pulling the drywall apart, I'm gonna tell my father I told you so.


11 years ago

Oh yeah, please put up a picture!

Intresting..and my mother's been coughing like crazy the last while.. And I'll put a picture up soon

Baking soda is a universal fungus killer. You can dust it on or mix it in water and pour/spray it on. It will not take out the color like bleach will, though. Something else you could try would be Oxyclean (as seen on TV). Wal-Mart has their brand called Sun for a lot less than Oxyclean. If you have that problem and your parents are ignoring it, you probably have problems that nobody knows about. This problem indicates a general lack of maintenance.

That's a good idea. They finally bought some bleach (we ran out) and I sprayed it down a couple times with bleach water and it's starting to shrink. I'll try the baking soda though. Thanks for the idea. And yea, pretty sad when your 17 year old sun is fixing your house up for you.


11 years ago

Dilute (~1:10) bleach will kill the surface stuff, but jtobako is right- you'll have to rip off the wood trim, kill/clean and dry the interior disaster, and refinish the area, hopefully fixing any shower leaks in the process.

Ya, my parents are kinda dickheads, I know or find out how to fix/do things around the house, and they won't let me do it. So things don't usually get done around here. I did a little research this morning and came up with the bleach solution, told my father and he was like No you can't use bleach on it. Procastination is apparently fairly popular in my family.

Tell them to look up Stachybotrys- google has lots of info like this. It will likely move bathroom renovation up the list just a bit.

Bleach isn't good for the wood, but the wood has already been partially digested by the mold and needs to be replaced anyway- damaging it further with bleach is just going to kill of the surface fuzz for a while. You really need to do the total repair.

Have you figured out how to fix the leak? That's the real problem.

Then don't ask, and be discreet. Then just say you took a long shower and steamed it off or something. Trust me on this.

I definetly agree with CameronSS, just don't shower, that'll make it worst. Just wait until your parents are gone and DO IT. Be carefull though, it could very possibly be pousinous (I know I didn't spell that right).

Yea, I found that you can set a fan infront of it too to dry it out, but my father was like, "well then when you shower it'll just get wet again". Sigh my family has reversed logic.

I didn't say to take a shower, I said to say you took a shower.

but when you take a shower how are you gonna explain why you need bleach?

our family once had this problem where fungus was growing out behind the bookcase. we like painted over it with this super stong smelling paint i think it was called rid-x but anyway we painted it on and put a fan to blow it dry. the problems with your case are you need to get into the trimming and this process took 1-2 days hope this helps


This isn't black mold, this is organisms actually extending from the wall :S

Lol depends on the color of the fungus. Right now I'm imagining a one of those huge bracket fungi that grow on rotting wood... I'm guessing anything other than brown or white would be bad colors. I'd probably go in hazmat style, rip out the entire area, bomb with bleach, and refinish.

I just remembered: I know a guy who's helmet went mouldy! (always makes me smile...) L

sprey d wod wth fungis sprey.

Congratulations, you haven't used any word from the English vocabulary.
Why did you bother with the period?


You have to dry it out. The fungus that you see is only a small part of what is living in the wall-the 'roots' are in the wall, the 'fruiting body' is what you see.

Oh ya, more "Fun facts", now I don't wanna go in there.

Fix the problem, then then the symptoms (as other comments). Perhaps a few dollar's worth of bathroom sealant? L

I also heard that blowing a fan infront of it makes it so it can't live because hence eliminating or reducing the moisture.

Yea, it's the drying which other people have referred to. But you need to stop the wood getting wet first. L