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I have glucose tabs (for diabetics), which I think are much more pure than sugar, would this help my plants grow better? Answered

I am trying to grow citrus seedlings and have been finding mixed reports about the affects of sugar water (instead of just using regular water). I was wondering if glucose tabs, being more pure than sugar, would help my citrus plants grow.



9 years ago

Go with an agricultural site rather than "word of mouth" sites. It may be that sugar water increases growth of citrus but considering that sugar (glucose) is *produced* by plants.... I'd want to see an objective study.

The directions that came with our small lemon tree said to feed it with a little acidic water (vinegar) once in a while. Didn't say anything about sugar.

Good luck -- Prfesser


Answer 9 years ago

As I learnt in my school, is better not to put sugar (or anything but minerals) on the water of the plants, because it makes grow the solute concentration. As lower the concentration outside of the plant, the better the plant drink it.