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I have gone where no 13 and a half year old has gone before! (Not really, but you SHOULD see the pic) Answered

Proof that the level of epic win I contain in my body is far greater than that of an average younger teen.


And now it's time for the throne to be thrown down to me
and i won't be answering any questions that say " Is that you?".

And if your wondering  those are The Lake Erie Monster's Cheerleaders(well only 3 of them)!!
I was a really happy camper that day!!


Do you have a youtube account? Add me as a friend! my youtube is "DjRadioIbles"

with the evil / big smile you had you looked like lucas "when he is drinking" from days of our lives

Was it Thailand, and are those girls?


The one's face on the right looks like it was photoshopped..

Nah, that's botox - tight skin is more reflective.

Last time I was in Thailand, I met this guy from Indonesia and... shouldn't say really. L

No he was older, and it was 10 years ago. L

Something is off....the comments I made do no appear....hmm....

Eh well, true.

See I thought you'd got lucky until I saw the star wars gear.


8 years ago

Looks like someone got to go to comic con '09.

Is that Darth Maul behind the champagne glass? Also, American Cultural Imperialism for the win! Booyah!

Looks like that might have been at Comic Con, no?

(Girl on left) Is that a retractable Sith lightsaber in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

They look like "hostesses", andf they are so holding their breaths to look ... better ... in the photo.

(Girl on right, through gritted teeth) Hurry up and take the damn photo, I've got six more tables to do before my shift finishes.


8 years ago

Hehe... that costume reminds me of the last Star Wars costume party I went to- my brother's g/f came dressed as a cute ewok while the host's parents were around, then when they went she took that costume off and was wearing a Leia costume like that one underneath it. Then, of course, the parents came back >_

Meh, they could both be men.


8 years ago

haha! Too funny Now, what did you do after? Watch a couple making love and sing viva la vida?

....*twitch* *twitch* What a.... Weird guess.... barrax.....

8| what the hell, am i phsycic? Or did i just spell it wrong? Or do I want to find out what is wrong with britney?

Lol, too funny! Especially on the last bit =)