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I have heard that you can chrome a small piece of metal using a car battery, some old chrome, and a weak acid.? Answered

        I have heard that one can chrome a piece of metal by using a car battery, some old chrome, and some weak acid?



I doubt it.  I helped a friend in a metal shop that made motorcycle exhaust systems when I was a kid.  I seem to remember that you had to nickle plate the metal and polish it before the chrome would adhere to the metal.  It had to be super polished or the chrome would be rough.

There's a cyanide bath in there too ! Not nice stuff at all. And Hexavalent chromium, the favoured plating source is carcinogenic.

Chrome plating requires very high current densities and some chemicals that are hard to get and/or toxic.  As others have said, it's not going to be that easy.

That being said, if a reasonably durable surface is desired, other kinds of plating can be done with chemicals or kits purchased via the web.

Where did you hear that? I'd advise you go back to the source and ask questions.



8 years ago

You might get a few scattered clumps of chrome to bond to the metal but mostly, you're just going to get a mess.
There are several steps to chrome plating, the metal to be plated has to be clean, smooth and rust free, then it is acid washed, plated with copper, washed again, plated with nickel, another wash and lastly, chrome plated. An operation that takes several days to complete.

i suppose you could use electrolys to remote the chrome in the first place but im not entirely sure .

(i know you can shove a bunch of pennys in vinegar and copper plate stuff with them)