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I have hundreds of AOL cds lying around Answered

And I could use a better idea for them than a disco ball or a mirror. Anybody have any suggestions?


Genuinely hundreds? Then I have an instructable for you (I'd do it myself, but I don't have enough CDs): Required: Hundreds of CDs, a large sheets of plywood, air-drying modelling clay, wood screws, washers, sunshine, chalk, sunshine, patience. 1) Attach the Cds to the wood. Make as large a square or rectagular grid as you can. Attach them with the screws & washers (to stop them coming off the screw), BUT, you need a half-inch gap between the CD and the wood, filled with a blob of clay. 2) position the panel of CDs so that they reflect light onto a convenient wall. 3) draw a simple image on the wall with the chalk. Use a simple line drawing, like a smiley face or (if you're feeling hippy) a runic letter. 4) Because the CDs are on the clay, you can move them - carefully arrange them so that their reflected light falls on the pattern you have drawn. 5) Leave it to set. Now, whenever the sun falls on the panel, it will reflect the pattern onto a wall. You could pre-paint the wood to match your room decor, then hang it on a wall that gets regular sun. Or weather-treat the wood before you use it and arrange it on a sunny garden fence so that a shaded garden fence gets a smile. Go on, Theplanman, do it, write it up and let me see how the idea pans out.

sun death beam ideas? mythbusters!

Oooohh...And if you're really ambitious, hook up a motor drive to each one and control it by computer. Set it so that a drawing input on the computer would make the CDs angle to draw the image. Or just make it solid and affordable.

I think a more random and organic approach would be easier and more effective. Get a piece of plywood or pegboard and some spring wire. Drill some holes into the surface, glue the wires into them and glue the CDs to the other end. Keep doing this and you'll have an array of CDs that can move with a passing breeze. Combine some sun and wind and you have an undulating glittery mass. To get better visual coverage, use two different lengths of wire and lay out each length in a checkerboard pattern so that the CDs can overlap without colliding.

Now that's a pretty cool idea. With a bit of patience, you could have it reflect different or morphing patterns depending on the angle of the light source!

Crazy CD wall art? That's what I think I'll do with all the WoW CDs I destroy at work. If you scratch the backs in interesting ways and hang them, they look pretty neat.

We can't resell the game since it's online only, and considering my ex boyfriend of 3 1/2 years ignored me for 2 of those years for WoW, I like to destroy them. Whether for revenge or therapy, I'm not sure! I'm sure all the other girlfriends (or ex girlfriends, more likely) of MMORPG addicts understand. ;)

Yeah, I have a few friends who are into WoW. Waste of time. I'm just surprised that you would have the CDs at all. I thought that nobody took MMO games back because they'd be tied in with a subscription and once activated the copy is useless.

I'm just hoping that some of the customers that "sold" it to us realized what a waste of time the game was. Or maybe they just got sick of being yelled at by their guild members and clan mates over stupid things like casting a spell at the wrong time. I can't even tell you how many times I heard people flip out on each other and start screaming and cussing and start acting like a boss battle was a life and death situation. :| And I think that people mostly bring it to us because they know we'll take it from them and then they won't get sucked back it again.

Wow, thanks for all of the ideas everybody. I think I will give Sam's lamp a try, as I could use more hip lighting fixtures for my dorm, especially if they are homemade. That reflection instillation is an interesting idea, Kiteman, but I think I may be too tempted to focus them all in the same point and make a sun-powered death ray. (ev

But it would only focus properly once a day. Set it up correctly, and you could arrange to have it boil a pot of water to make your afternoon coffee, sort of a solar teasmade.


11 years ago

Out of curiousity, where did you get so many CDs? And personally, my vote would be for a parabolic reflector.


11 years ago

you could make a death ray for cooking things, solar oven style. more info here and here.

and of course you could makeSpectometers of them, it says DVD, but i think CD's would probably work too.

Hope this helps,


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PS. if you have solar panels you an use arrays of CDs as a reflector to get more light on to the pannels, careful not to fry 'em though! Andy

hang them from your mirror on your car.....<<

I saw a thing about a guy who made a giant cd dragon...

You could make a clay pidgeon trap. And pick one of the many gun instructables to go with it.

Hey as BoomGuy I have to suggest this:
same thing on this page in jpg

I've tried it on five CD's two with a utility knife three with a dremel. The two
with the knife cracked before I finished. The three with the dremel shattered.

The last one I had the rough shape, tried it out, it flew OK, but it shattered
when I tried to polish it and remove burrs, rough edges. Just made three coasters
so will be trying it out on those.


11 years ago

Make a mouse trap car, and use them for wheels. or..

Make a lamp like this