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I have idea for infinite energy! Answered

I have idea for an infinite energy or perpetual motion. I know that perpetual motion is impossible because it contrary with firs and second law of thermodynamics. I have learned those laws on  school too but I asked my physics teacher ( I'm in high school now 16 years old) and he said that it looks possible. The problem is that I'm from Kosovo,and there is no any labs of that type where I can make my experiment. If you have any idea about any of this labs which are interested on infinite energy experiments. I would appreciate your help.


Just stick a bunch of copper and zinc rods in the oceanand the reaction with the salty water will produce infine energy.

It depends on the current. A long time is not infinite, and the energy isn't infinite.

I am pretty sure you have an idea but in some way it is flawed.

What is your idea?

Just because you don't achieve perpetual motion doesn't mean you wont make a more efficient drive.

+1 I'm very curious to know about this big idea. So, yeah... um... what's the idea?


4 years ago

Energy already is infinite (I am speaking from our little viewpoint and not a cosmic one). The problem is getting it to do what we want instead of what it wants.

You probably want to read through <A HREF="http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/museum/unwork.html">this</A>. You'll probably find your idea already in there, along with an analysis of why it doesn't work the way you think it does.

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Your link did not work at first but I found the page after a couple tries.

Did you notice most of those machines need friction less bearings?

Have you red Stephen Hawking’s new paper?

He really likes to hedge his bets.

Most of these kind of things look possible but are not.

Also most people don't have any kind of lab to work in. they use what they have available.