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I have my ashtray sitting right beside my computer intake fan, is this safe? Answered

I hate having smoke in my face, even though I DO smoke, I just decide to put the ashtray by my computer fan intake. It isn't hot, nor does it seem to affect my computer performance. Keyword is SEEM....does it do anything to the circuitry??



Best Answer 9 years ago

I knew some people has cats and smoked a lot - the inside of their machines was horrible like the "resin" they were smoking on the heatsinks. It is ultimately not a good idea to suck smoke into your machine.

Make a device with a 12V fan that does the same job and post an instructable?


It's definitely not safe. Your computer is being exposed to second hand smoke and is quite liable to develop CPU cancer.

. No! . Even if the deposits aren't causing problems now, IIRC, the stuff is in an form that creates acid in the presence of water. And there's a lot of Aluminum in there. . If you keep your computer on 24/7, heat will keep moisture out and corrosion shouldn't be a (big) problem, but, eventually, the deposits will affect heat transfer and can cause short circuits on the mobo (especially in acid form). . You can clean dust of with some compressed air and maybe a soft brush. It takes soap and elbow grease to remove nicotine deposits.

It will decrease the lifespan of your internal parts over time. If you have a good PM (Preventative Maintenance) ethic, you can increase the lifespan significantly (as opposed to no PM at all). The tar and other sticky chemicals in the smoke will build up on the circuitry increasing heat and gunking up moving parts. A regular internal cleaning will help mitigate some of the negative effects.

Look at the room around you - those same nicotine deposits will be slowly gumming up the inside of your computer. However, you should be more worried about what the smoke is doing to your body.

smoke is 'bad' for anything optical, so getting in your dvd laser lens, etc can affect it. The buildup over time of oils and crap aren't awesome. It isn't a "good" idea to have sucking possible ashes in there - but smoke itself wont hurt the computer itself.