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I have my computer, and an old computer. Answered

I have my old server with a Pentium 4 Hyper threading 3.06ghz with a burnt out motherboard. Also, my current computer that works Perfect with a Celeron D 2.80ghz. They have the same 478 slots, but I'm not sure if it is a plug and play deal, i have the thermal compound stuff. Should i do it?


Check to see if your working motherboard can handle the faster chip. Although they might be both socket 478 you have to see if it supports the speed. You might be able to boost the RAM from memory chips from the dead computer if you have some free slots on the working one. Gutting an old PC and swapping parts is always fun. Just be careful with mounting the heatsink and take static precautions when transplanting and saving the old CPU in case you have to swap it back. Good luck.

Well i looked at the PDF files of my computer and here's what it said. Intel® Pentium® 4 processor in the mPGA 478 pin package But i know it's a Celeron D.

Form Factor Micro ATX Processor • Intel ® Pentium® 4 processor • 533 MHz and 400 MHz system bus with an integrated 256K L2 cache Memory • Two 184-pin 2.5 V DIMM sockets • Each slot supports up to 1 GB memory of 200/266/333 MHz Non-ECC • Unbuffered DDR Synchronous DRAM (DDR SDRAM) Video memory • Use main memory (Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology) Main Chipset Intel® 82845GV Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) • Hyper-Threading technology support • Processor/Host bus support • Integrated DRAM controller • Supports AGP 1X/2X/4X data transfers and 2X/4X Fast Writes • Integrated graphics controller (3D/2D graphics) • Power management functions Intel ® 82801DB I/O Controller Hub (ICH4) • Support for the PCI interface • Integrated IDE controller ; Ultra DMA 33, ATA-66/100 • USB 2.0 and DMA controller • Power management logic • Real-time clock • Support for AC ‘97 audio devices Firmware Hub (FWH) • Firmware Hub (FWH) interface I/O Controller NSC PC87372 Super I/O Controller • Floppy drive interface • One multimode parallel port • FIFO serial port • Keyboard and mouse controller

Probably worth a shot then. Check that you don't have any manual CPU / FSB settings in BIOS so it'll pick it up auto. L

Find the board (functional) model & manufacturer, look up it's datasheet / manual. I have a suspicion that the board may not support the P4, but you don't know unless you look... I'd do that first before taking anything apart. L