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I have my first dance coming up. I need advice!!! Before Saturday!!! Answered



Dance on the floor, not on their toes.

(It would help if you told us what sort of dance it is...)

Ohhh sorry, it's my first jr. high dance

Simple - relax, and let the guy do all the worrying.

Even in this modern world, it's up to the male to do all the hard work / worrying for a dance.

Be ready when (if) he comes to collect you, smile, and let his testosterone do the rest.

If he's not paying you enough attention, tell him quietly, don't make a scene.

Only kiss him if you want to, and consider saving that treat for the last (slow) dance.

Watch his hands, don't be afraid to give him an actual slap on the wrist if they wander too far.

If you have a curfew, makes sure you tell him, and get him to drop you off on your doorstep exactly one minute before the curfew falls.

I taught middle school, and I stand by every word.

For some reason, I just became very, very scared.

Wear good shoes, don't try to dance in high-heels.


High heels hurt. I don't think my toes will ever be the same shape again.

Yes, fortunately I was just "demonstrating" these.



6 years ago

don't panic..... today is Saturday

What type of advice would you like? (more specifics please!)

My first dance went horrible, so I've got plenty of tips.

First off, pick your date carefully (if you are picking a date). For the first go around, I found that taking a "crush" or someone you barely know, can be a bit frustrating and embarassing. I went with my girlfriend at the time, and we had only been dating for a week. (keep in mind, this was middle school, where I was impressionable, and still into girls). It ended up with her completely leaving me behind for a group of her friends, and I did the same.

It's best to take a good friend, and know exactly what each other wants. If you're both nervous, you can work together to overcome it.

I learned something very important at my prom. I was so concerned with showing off my date and our outfits that I completely forgot about how my date felt. The date was ruined. JUST RELAX, AND TAKE THINGS SLOW. That advice goes for many situations, but it's true here as well. It's important for you both to have a good time, and there is plenty of time during the event to get whatever you want done.


6 years ago

Don't over think it. Like Kiteman said, definitely do not step on their toes, but that is more of a thing to tell a guy. I am a guy so I am going to try my best. The one thing that gets annoying is when girls take their shoes off because they whore high-heels, and if they don't take them off they just complain. Go with somebody, even if it is just a friend. That way you aren't alone in the middle of the dance floor. If you wan't attention, you are not going to get it sitting down and not being out there so if you wan't a guy to ask you to dance, get out there.
This is general stuff for a general dance, it would be nice to know what kind of dance this is.