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I have no sound on my PC! Answered

 I have no sound on my PC...ever since I reinstalled operating system it has had no sound card, no drivers, NOTHING!

What should I do? I cannot even see what card I have from the control panel because the file is EMPTY.
It's as if I don't even have a card!
I'll post picks, if someone asks me to.
Thank you! :D



Best Answer 8 years ago

It has no drivers? Would you please go to
My Computer>RightClick>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager
Is there alot of yellow unknown drivers? If so... *A pic of this would be awesome, I could find the exact drivers for you*

Go to either the front or a back of the computer and find the 'name'. It should be something like "Dell Precision 370" (using now). Then after that, you can google the exact name and find the manufacture's homepage. There you can download the drivers. If you could post your computer's 'name' I would be happy to redirect you to the drivers.

It will be a .exe that you open, and will fill all those 'blank drivers' in your Device Manager. One .exe for the soundcard will fix the sound problem. But I would not stop there. If you reinstalled the operating system, some drivers may have not been found on the installation CD. This can affect your computer's performance, and restrict some programs.

If you take a picture of the Device Manger like I said in the first part, and give me your computer name I would be happy to redirect you to the 'correct' drivers for your system.

Finially, a question im actualy useful at answering.


7 years ago

look at the speaker is it dis conected if so then reconect it.


8 years ago

Just wondering. Do you have a soundcard separated from the motherboard, or is it just a "special" chip on the motherboard.


8 years ago

Sounds like you don't have the drivers for your sound card installed.  Find the model number of your computer and go to the manufacturer's site, they ought to have the correct drivers.  Just download and install them.  If you can't find your computer on the manufacturer's site, I'll have a go if you post the model number.


8 years ago

I don't think your sound card drivers were installed. If your sound card came with an installation CD, try reinstalling the drivers from that. If you don't have a separate CD for your sound card:

Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager.

In Device Manager, look for a sound card under Sound, video and game controllers and confirm that Windows does not recognize your card.

Close Device Manager.

Open Control Panel.

In the Search box in Control Panel, type add hardware.

Click Install drivers for older devices with Add Hardware wizard.

If Windows can't find drivers for your sound card, check the manufacturers site.


8 years ago

Turn off the computer.  Pull out the sound card.  Turn the computer back on and let it boot.

Turn off the computer.  Put the card back in.  Turn the computer back on and let it boot.  Did it find the card?

If not go into Control panes, system, hardware, then the device manager.  Is there a sound card listed there?  if not then click on computer in the window and pick the monitor with a key icon.  Did it find the sound card?

If not then reboot and go to setup by pressing delete key and disable the motherboard sound. Reboot and it should find the sound card.

IF not then I'm out of suggestions.  AT this point I would be getting another sound card out of one of my other computers to see if by card was bad.