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I have over 60 half used notebooks. I use my computer for much of my note-taking now. How can I avoid waste ? Answered

I have 60 spiral notebooks and I'm not going to even be a student long enough to actually use them. I'm in my senior year at college, so I only have that plus 4 years of medical school. It's extremely difficult to recycle spirals, since you have to pull all the spirals out, and these notebooks are taking up way too much space in my life! Help! 


1. Your computer will crash - WILL not may.

2. I have never heard of paper crashing

Go back to using paper until all the books are full.

Alternativly fill the rest of the books with your ideas as they come to you.

Just curious to understand how you can start a new note book when the previous one isn't full anyway - never mind do this 60 times.

1. My dad still has a Sony VAIO from 2000 that is evidence to the contrary.
1a. My notes are on platforms like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive, so that doesn't matter anyway.
2. Have you heard of paper getting lost or taking up too much room. Also, you can't search through paper notes like you can through notes on a computer.

To sate your curiosity, I am a student. All these are notebooks left over from my classes. 60 notebooks means about 45 classes, which is about three years when you're a pre-med student. Some classes, like Organic Chemistry, filled up 2.5 notebooks in a semester. I dedicate a notebook per class, because I never know how much room I'm going to need. Also, the notebooks get worn out after a year of use, so the other half wouldn't be particularly "reliable" In this past semester, however, I've found that my classes just demand computer notes. (You can type a lot faster than you can write, for the most part.)

You could these for origami.


4 years ago

My daughter is a pediatrician, because she did not want to become a lab-rat in some
corporate bio-chemistry dungeon for the rest of her life after college.

As to these errant notebooks, well my grand children used them all and the doctor is even buying more of them.  Children have a great need for self expression and develop their fine motor skills by first chicken scratches and eventually perspective.art on 2D surfaces.
Notebooks also help room walls to remain as intended.

BTW take great care of your computer and its files because its going to fail and take your data
to black hole neverland. 
Flash drives ( thumb drives ) are small, low cost, large capacity and good  for all your data. 
Now if I can just find those two 16 gig white buttons :-)


Our little phone company service building used to throw away rolls and rolls of paper. They had printers that printed out onto rolled paper, status reports all day and night. All they printed was a line that said something like everything's normal and then advanced to the next page. I got some of the rolls and gave them to my kids who made 10 foot long pictures on the back side.


4 years ago

By the way the spiral wire metal comes out very easily. Clip off the end, unbend a little of the other end and clamp it in a drill. Pull the trigger and it unscrews in seconds. Where should I send my bill?


4 years ago

If you figure out how much each notebook cost, the cost of the classes you went to divided by 60, you will get an approximate value for each one. Once you have establish that each notebook cost several thousand dollars, or perhaps tens of thousands, discarding them might not seem to wise. You can throw something away but you can't unthrow it away. Catalog them into a your own presidential library with indexes.

Glue them into two stacks, put a board across, and it's a foot-stool.