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I have recenlty entered a high school culinary competition and need ideas for a 3 course meal that is well-balanced.? Answered



It depends what you mean by "balanced", in the traditions of Chinese regional cookery, as much of the balance comes from texture and colour as from the flavours.


6 years ago

There's a TV show on the food network called "Chopped" that should provide some inspiration.

A lot goes into preparing a good meal. Utilizing in-season produce should gain you higher marks, as well as seasoning everything appropriately. You need to have a variety of textures (i.e.; creamy, crunchy) as well as a range of flavors (i.e; savory, sweet, acidic, salty). Each course should contain an appropriate amount of food in relation to the overall meal.

For a starter you might want to create a ravioli and make the pasta yourself, or perhaps a bisque. For a main, choose a protein that your familiar with. Its better to create something good than fail at something you've never made before. Include a sauce, a starchy component and some vegetables. The final course should be palate cleansing, and can be a dessert course (if your comfortable with desserts), or another savory course with an acidic component.

The choices you make should be based on what you can afford and in the rules of the competition; and it should also be based on your level of experience and in what you are comfortable creating. It shouldn't be an exact menu given to you by others. :)