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I have seen the Twelveth Doctor on this 50 year Aniversery of Who we know Answered

My channel 113 at home, channel 264 at the pizza bar and many  other channels
all over my town.  I presume channels all over the US and this world. 

Celebrating this superb BBC English TV serial adventures of a Time Lord of Gallifrey
and his Earthly Companions traveling in the sentient multidimensional
Time and Relative Dimension In Space time-machine and spacecraft.

On this wonderful  non-stop celebratory viewing of Doctor Who week end......




4 years ago

Yes, the space channel in Canada has provided us Canucks with a veritable Whofest this weekend. Did you see the Google doodle yesterday (http://www.google.com/doodles/doctor-whos-50th-anniversary).

BTW thanks for the link, Now I can play it to the end of time ;-)

I only got to level 3 and got stuck, LOL. Maybe I should give it another try.

  1. The third is London bridge second "O" letter
  2. Activate lever on dock
  3. stop and wait by tree for robot to pass
  4. follow  robot to left\
  5. then right and straight to building switch (raises the draw bridge)
  6. stop and wait by bush for robot2 to pass left of you
  7. then click next to the left second tower
  8. Now stop at the bush where the 3d robot goes by you
  9. place the mouse at the spot in front of the 3d lever
  10. click it when the robot goes by you
  11. See the barge move the TARDIS closer to you
  12. after the robot passes you at the lever go back to the bush
  13. place the mouse in the fort entrance
  14. Click that spot after the robot passes the entrance
  15. Get the "O" letter and go yo wait at the entrance
  16. when the robot passes click in front of the barge TARDIS
  17. Which will take you to the grave yard puzzle !

Ohhh  ....  Yes .....  and solved it under 42 min first try..

Not a fan. It's far too cheezy with terrible acting :( I've tried, but just can't get into it.

Can you recommend an easy going episode to start with? Or the start of a good plot line?

The new series will be starting a large quest, it seems, otherwise find the first series of David Tennant's time, or the first of Matt Smith's - both are the start of large story-arcs.

I strongly concur Jayefuu
But, do not expect every woman to appreciate The Doctor.
Instructables has many fans and ibles on the subject.

My Structural Engineer Daughter and I discussed the series
and we both believe David Tennant's series is a better start for you
because Matt Smith as The Doctor violates too many Doctor Who
rules ( like crossing his own time stream etc etc )

Ah, the Doctor has been breaking the time streams rule since the Third Doctor


Lol. Check out my avatar in closer detail ;)

I was three months old, and being bathed in front of the TV, so my dad could watch Dr Who when the very first episode aired in the UK.

I saw it in 3D at a local cinema, front of the queue. The place was full of bow ties and sonic screwdrivers.

Such an incredible mix of ages and types as well - kid in a suit behind me, bloke with an orange mohican and enormous ear-plugs in front, and beside me a young lady who had made herself a Tardis dress.

There were collective gasps and laughter at in-jokes and references, a round of applause for Tom Baker's cameo, and applause all through the closing credits.