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I have several large swamp cooler rotors, would these make decent VAWT rotors if put directly onto an old alternator? Answered

Sorry, I should have said Centrifugal Fan rotors, they are commonly seen in use with car air conditioning systems, leaf blowers, and evaporitive coolers (Swamp coolers). I'll see if I can find a picture or a video of them in use after I get back this afternoon.


Naaa. Too small too short. Swamp cooler cage might work maybe. Sounds like you want a pre-built VAWT. Have you seen one of these in actual use as a VAWT? PVC pipe cut lengthwise and set up in a circular frame works good

 actually yes, after I posted this question I found one in use (lucky!) it seems to work pretty good, though I didn't ever have a chance to meet the owner to see what its output was

A picture or diagram of the rotors would be a help.