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I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff? Answered

I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar before my band forms more. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff to do about it?

-I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it
what can i possibly do with it?

-I want to have a tribal grafic of some sort painted on the front and back. will acrillic paint work for that with out cracking or peeling later?

-I have 4 white LEDs in the pickgaurd. Ive grown tired of plain white LEDs that are steady on all of the time and want to replace them with something cooler but i have no idea what colors to choose from.

-im going to sheild it ---- https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sheild-a-Guitar/

-im going to put red LEDs under the bridge pickup--- https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-electric-guitar-pickup-mod/

i have liited resources and limited time
what should i do ?\
any other sudgestions on what to do to make my guitar as unique as possible let me know
also anything to make my 3way amp setup beter  would be greatly apreciated
>the first picture is the entire guitar case and all
>the second is the body and pickgaurd with lights on
>the third is the amp setup


I wouldnt use acrylic paint,but I would use airbrushed paint.To paint it I would unstring it, unscrew the neck(if that is possible)then mask off everything. To deal with your DP on-off-on switch I would take it off and then cut a peice of poplar to fit the hole.

for the paint i need to keep it within my budget
id love to airbrush it but thats going to be costly
is there anything else i could use?

as for the switch i was able to find a place on the pickgaurd where it fits just fine without getting in the way

Ok. So if you want to use acrylic, strip all the paint off,paint it, then put
15-25 coats of laquer then let it set for at least a week.

Ps. Can I have best answer ?

wow theres no way to paint over the existing coat and put some sort of enamel over it?

yeah just about if you want it to look good.100 grit sandpaper takes the paint off well(1 guitar per 1.5-2 hours)

well Im not doing it myself. I have an artfully gifted friend who agreed to do it. se told me that it may take a while and that the supplies might cost a little much but I know that theres no way she can airbrush it, nor do either of us have the money for and entirely new paint job. so what should I do?

There is almost no way to match the color and thickness of the original
paint scheme.

well thats just it, im purposely not tring to match the color of the body. What I am tring to do is put a graffic on the body itsself