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I have some battery powered fairy lights, can I safely put a plug on them to save on batteries? Answered



.  Not directly, but you should be able to substitute a wall-wart for the batteries.

Using the mains power would make for a totally rockin' DIY multiple fireworks igniter, though....

They're probably LEDs. But would you expect all to ignite or just 1 to "pop" if they were filament?


Most of these things are shunt wired, so I'd expect all of them to go. If the wires themselves didn't go first.
As for LED or not, I've had the darndest time finding battery-operated LED fairy lights on this side of the pond. They can be found, but the incandescents are much more common, at least here in the Hellmouth. YMMV.

You need to visit a dollar store at Christmas time RMS. They sell these silly little fairy lights you can put on your dashboard...powered by a pair of C cells...(can you guess...yes I have one...)

(and for the record regarding the ones they sell for house displays, if they're LEDs, then there's a small regulator in the plug or some sort of box that houses one, so it's as easy as snipping the wires and doing a bit of empirical and/or mathematical footwork to make it go with battery power)

I tried that last year, and all they had was the incandescents. Maybe LEDs haven't been invented here in the Hellmouth yet. We are about 50 years behind the rest of the country, you know.

There's a hellmouth in Texas? I thought the only ones in the USA were in Sunnydale CA and Cleveland Ohio.

Like OMG, Buffy's gonna be soooooooo pissed.

I'm in Georgia, but I've been to Texas and I'm pretty sure there's one there, too.

I wonder if Buffy is on a frequent flyer program....

Oops...sorry 'bout that. I get confizzled sometimes. For a while I thought you were in NY and thought I finally had it straight. I guess I should really check the user tab before typing.

Are your lights battery-powered or still running off the Edison Electric Company's supply?


I have some of each, and a whole pre-lit (incandescent) fake tree that plugs into the wall.

And if you had been kind enough to provide the link here, I wouldn't have had to resort to spam :-)

If you mean a plug/socket pair from your fairy lights to your batteries, yes, to the wall...NO emphatically.

And just to be clear, NO means DO not under any circumstances hook them up directly to the wall (120US or 240 UK and many other countries) power socket. If you need to power them from an AC source, you're going to need a power supply of the appropriate voltage, (same as your battery pack)

If the plug is for removing and connecting power, you'd be just as well served by putting a simple spst (single pole single throw) switch in line with either of the feed wires. Visit Radio shack or a similar store and ask for some assistance from the clerks

No.  If the unit is battery powered, then the lights are designed for low-voltage, and will either burn out, melt, or explode on mains power.  Depending on how much current they draw during that process, you may trip a breaker, burn through the outlet, or start a fire.  But on the bright side, you may have a really exciting time!

It's fairly easy to add an AC adapter to a battery-powered device.