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I have some old LCD monitor speakers, and I want to hook them up to my current screen to get stereo sound. Any tips? Answered

So I have the speakers, still wired up to the input slot, the headphone slot, the volume control and anthother one which I cannot identify. I want to hook it up to my current computer screen so that I can achieve stereo sound rather than mono.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Get a stereo jack that fits you lap top. 

Connect the two black wires to the top ring of the plug.
the red or white wire goes to the middle ring
and the other wire goes to the tip.

Put the speakers in some kind of enclosure that keeps the sound from the front and the sound from the back of the speaker from mixing. 

Plug that into your laptop and you should have stereo.

Thank you very much! One last thing though, I am not playing the music through my laptop, I am playing it through a dual screen behind my laptop, seen below. Will this affect what you said?


If you have a stereo jack there it should be the same.

I have discovered that the 'unknown' cable was in fact a DC input cable (below). Does this affect the setup in any way?


Also which end of the Black, White and Red wires do I use?

I was telling you to take the speakers off the amp board and put a plug on them to use the amp signal coming out of the monitor you're using.  If it has an amp and I assume it does, you could not connect that signal to another amp.  That would eventually damage one or both of the speakers.

So I should cut the speakers white and black wires, and red and black wires at the amp board, then solder the wires to the stereo jack then plug the other end into my computer?