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I have the main motor from a vacuum cleaner what can I do with it? Answered

The motor is very powerful. It runs off of 120 V AC. The cable that plugs into the wall runs electricity straight to the motor. It weighs about 3-4 pounds and has brushes. It has alot of torque. So much so that it will flip in the air to ~1.5 feet when it is first started. I believe it spins at perhaps 2000-3000 rpm though I'm not sure. This motor was the motor that powers suction in the vacuum cleaner. I would love if someone could tell me if I could either use it as an alternator (for pedal power electricity generation) or what I could use it as a motor for?


Also for the hovercraft peeps, if they are brushed they should run off DC meaning, NO CORDS! =) probably universal, but if not its still a cool project.

Not too long ago I got a vaccum motor and pulled it apart. There was metal that was pressed together that I had to get apart that took a chunk out of my finger but I soldiered on and finally I managed to get it apart so I could get the fan off. I plan not to use it for a hovercraft but hook it up to a set of wheels and turn it into the engine for an RC car!
P.S. I live in Australia and all the powerpoints have 240 volts running through them. EXTREME POWER TO THE MAX!!!

Hey! I have two of those sitting in my basement.. Like sound91 said, I'm planning on using them for a hovercraft.. I don't think you will be able to use it to generate power because from what I have read you couldn't possibly pedal fast enough...and my motors don't have any magnets so I don't think it would work..

if it isnt universal or DC then get a inverter to convert DC to AC and then NO CORDS!

One of the coolest projects I know of that uses a vacuum motor is a hovercraft. It uses the motor to inflate a plastic ring around the base of an object, and then pressure is built up within the ring, and this allows one to rise slightly off the ground. There are many examples for instructions through out the internet and on instructables. Many use leaf blowers, but vacuum motors can also be used.