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I have to make a large magic book? Answered

I have to make a large magic book. Something along the line's of the Charmed tv show or harry potter. It has to be quite large, really old looking with rough yellowed paper inside. I need some good idea's. Thanks Cameorose



Look for an old dictionary. There are some large ones out there. Try asking at your local library. The usually have book sales. Or look in the phone book for some local used book stores, they  might have some. 

I would probably go to a thrift shop and try to find an old book and replace the pages. You can also find leather bound journals at stores like Boarders or Barnes and Noble. As for the pages I would select paper with a high "rag" content to get the weight and feel of an old "grimoire" when they were made from hand milled paper. You could use a dip pen or make a feather quill to create text and illustrations and walnut dye or tea is great for aging. Add a frayed ribbon bookmark, press some flora and feathers between some of the pages, perhaps a few locks of hair from some unfortunate target of an old hex . Splashes where a potion went awry, and of course  brownish-red droplets from blood sacrifices the book and the powers of darkness demand.

Get a stack of pre-punched paper, printed with whatever you want.

Bake it on a low heat for as long as you dare, ageing the paper.

Make covers from Thick corrugated board, or thin plywood, painted or covered to match your requirements.

Fasten the covers and stack together by either tying through the holes with a leather thong, or using nuts and bolts of the right length and then covering the ends with more card decorated to match the rest of the cover.

If you don't like that, many of these projects could easily be made to suit your needs.

I never thought of baking paper? Thanks

The paper part is easy. Just make some very strong tea, paint it onto regular white paper of the size you need and allow to dry. Stack the paper up into a neat stack, clamp together with C-Clamps leaving one edge accessible, and dip that edge into glue or epoxy to hold it all together. If you need your book to have words or illustrations, print up whatever you need onto the paper with a laser (not inkjet) printer before you put the tea on.
For the book, the easiest thing is probably to go to a thrift store and buy a large hardcover book, remove the cover, and glue some fabric, leather or pleather to the outside. Then you can decorate with brass hinges, studs, semi-precious stones, or whatever. If you can't find the right size old book, you can make a cover out of three pieces of heavy cardboard or pasteboard hinged together with duct tape, then cover and decorate as above.
Then just use glue or epoxy (or hot glue) to attach the pages into the cover, and you're good to go.