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I have to remove a huge quantity of limescale (ca. 2 ton). Answered

Do anyone knows the better metod? I tried citric acid (some white powder resist), Hydrochloric acid is not possible to use (some parts are in stainless steel...). I was wondering acetic acid or EDTA.


What IS it made of ? Use another acid, sulphuric is safe on En316 stainless steel at LOW temperatures (<60F), and its cheap enough. Bear in mind it won't be acid for very long as you dissolve the scale - you're going to need a LOT of acid. Slosh it around, monitor the pH and you should be OK.

This is an evaporative tower. For several years we feed water without giving the chance to salts to flush away... Limescale is over hundreds and hundreds of meters of 1" pipe. The total thickness is more or less 5 to 10 mm. When i tried sulfammic acid (citric) i had a quantity of white powder on bottom.

A jackhammer comes to mind...

2 ton?! How about some heavy machinery? (More detail?) L