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I have two dogs and a small backyard and their urine kills the grass. What can I use to stop the grass from dying? Answered

Their urine produces yellow spots and eventually the grass dies.


There are products that can help in training your dogs to pee where you want them to.
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Many dogs won't wee by sources of water. I find that sometimes putting down a clear water bottle, full of water in spots they like to urinate, can deter them from weeing there. Hope it helps.

regulary watering your lawn dilutes the ammonia in the urine to a safe level. on the plus side ammonia naturally breaks down into nitrates- which make a very good fertiliser for the garden. if you can train them to go in one spot- you'll save water. a tree or lamp post might help encorage this

take the dogs outside not in the yard there is nothing u can do for the grass unless they stop going there than u can grow grass again

It's just going to happen. Ammonia kills stuff. You can try to have training sessions with them and reward them for doing their 'business' in a certain corner to keep the damage localized, but if either of the dogs are male (and sometimes some females that have been around males a lot) they will be marking their territory and you might not be able to do anything about that.


9 years ago

Well, i would suggest you try to train your dogs, meanwhile, you could fence off certain areas so the "wreck the lawn" in more suitible areas.