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I have two old motherboards and I don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Answered

I can't think of what to with them, but I need to do something fast because I don't have anywhere to put them and if I don't do something with them I have to toss them.



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If they are to old and obsolete to use them for anything then you can follow my instructable and harvest the chips.


I should mention, they videos are slow to download because they are big and done in Quicktime. I didn't embed them with YouTube like they do now. But the pictures are really great, or at least some people think they are. .

I don't know if you still have the motherboards, but here is what i did :-)

I framed the boards in a Ribba frame from ikea. I also took it to the next level and sold them, it seems people liked my idea as much as i did. My office looks very cool with some of these hanging in the walls


Build a Beowulf cluster? (Websearch that phrase for more information.)

Oh my gosh! You can do this? To bad these ones are completely dead. I am so going to make a gaming pc like this!

Again, read up on it before you start. To take advantage of the performance of a Beowulf cluster, the software must be written so it can be distributed across the multiple processors. I'd be somewhat surprised if much (any?) game software is designed that way... yet...

desolder them with a heat gun and turn them into book covers.

I might suggest microwaving one, but I'm not sure that you have a spare outdoor microwave oven...



I already searched on here and couldn't find anything that I liked, but thanks for answering