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I have two tv remotes and a few old phones. and i'm bored Answered

What exactly should i do? and the LED off the tv remote doesnt wanna work >.> Any ideas? edit: oh wait, that's an IR led isn't it? boy do i feel dumb



9 years ago

Rig up a phone so that you can change the channel by dialing a number.

Yes, the LED is IR but as was said below, you can shine it into a Digital camera, and if it is working you should be able to "see it" glowing. This makes for a whole set of ideas, especially if the remote is like the Comcast remote I have, in that it has like 5 LEDs on the end. :-)

You could mod a phone in to a remote casing for a failry funky design idea. Another possible use could be using micro-controllers to form an IR data transfer unit for the computer, letting it communicate with phones, gameboys etc.

Use those LEDs to scare your friends, light them up and show it to them in your camera, and then they are visible.


9 years ago

You could take out the lcd of the phones or the screens whatever... Then mix it with i part leds. Now roll them together and drop a little bit of chips. Heat it for some time until the lcds turn light brown now of the stove and roll it into a dough. Now in a separate bowl put in some microphones, resistors, diodes, leds and mix them with a spoon. heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake it under low heat. MMMMMMMMM..... you got a sweet smelling Remphomote (Cake) Just add some cream ( batteries) Just joking dude

The LED is working, it's just not visible to the human eye. Look at it through a camera lens. Microwave the clips in the phones. Enjoy the lightshow.

oh god, i'm too scared to microwave anything like that knowing me everything would burn lol

It just sparks a lot, pretty cool to watch. I meant chips by the way, not clips.